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Our Mission

Sharing, Creating, Succeeding Together

The leader of the company changed to beneficiaries of the economic ecosystem.

VCG’s pride itself in its goal of acting as a professional body that enables a group of brilliant talents to change their lives through doing what they do best in their own industry and gradually assume their rightful leadership place in the midst of this inordinate era encompassed with economic reform and development.

Our Vision

Based in ASEAN, The World Prospects

In this golden opportunity to vigorously develop economic reforms in Vietnam, we will work together to create legends with our partners.

VCG’s innovation and development is not to promote a certain or a small part of the benefits, rather than to promote mutual benefit and win-win situation along the line and even the world’s countries, and jointly explore the beginning of economic development in Vietnam.


Vinter Capital Group

The establishment of VCG was done on the sole purpose of partaking an expansionary role alongside the trend of Vietnam’s vigorous economic growth. Let it be small, medium or large enterprises, this particular timing engulfed with flourishing prosperity will undoubtedly emerge as a decisive advantage and a great timing for the ripening journey of any corporate entity.

For example, there are many successful enterprises in China such as Alibaba, Geely, and Tencent have provided a powerful testimony regarding the eminence of China’s economic reform and development. On top of that, cooperates from other countries including Malaysia’s very own prestigious group such as the Genting Group, Sunway Group, and Thailand’s CP Group also benefited tremendously from that.

Therefore, finding a compatible venture partner, initiating your project in the midst of limited opportunities, impeccable timing, a strategic location and handpicking a befitting team with exceptional talents are pivotal  elements to forge a favorable culture for our beloved company. It is our unwavering belief that in this fast-paced and ever-changing world, we can forge ourselves into an entity befitting a “legend” and capable of formulating “new trends” together.

Our Founder

Dolly T.M Hoang & Elvin C.W Chew


A Team, A Dream, A Family

In 2050, VCG will be proudly contributing to elevating the income of half of Vietnam’s population to a more competitive level, one stop closer to the middle-class revenue on par with first world countries.

Throughout the process of the much awaited economic development, we take it upon ourselves to make a significant contribution to our investment portfolios in Vietnam both directly or indirectly by reshaping the economic reforms and social development. According to PriceWaterCooperhouse’s estimation report, half of Vietnam’s population will be attaining middle-class income before 2050, poverty will be greatly scaled down and the less fortunate population will be able to elevate their life quality.

In the past, our company has provided free accommodation for financially-challenged workers during projects of constructing and upgrading roads or traffic circle projects. At the same time, we managed to leave a few beneficences to society by building utility poles and planting trees that are beneficial to the environment and soil.

Our Corporate Partners

Future Development Blueprint

Creating Land Development
Vietnam Chinatown
Tourism Service Industry
Payment Gateway

    The establishment of VCG was to participate in the economic development of Vietnam, so whether it is small, medium or large enterprises, the timing of growing prosperity will be a key advantage and a great timing for enterprise development.


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