The Intro Of Ho Tram


Ho Tram

Ho Tram is bestowed with a distinctive yet uniquely strategic location, an endless stroll of pink beaches and first-rate superlative entertainment facilities which has won the hearts of quite a few foreign investors.

The number of tourists has increased exponentially in recent years, transforming this leisure and littoral coastal attraction into one of the most prestigious and sought-after resorts in Asia.


Ho Tram

  • Located 120-150 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City Chuanmu County, Batu Vung Tau, has a population of about 1.06 million.
  • By using the expressway, it takes 2 hours by car from Ho Chi Minh City to Xinzhuang.
  • Batu Vung Tau (the most economically valuable residential and tourist area in the past) can be reached HoTram in 40 minutes.
The Grand

The Grand Ho Tram


Ho Tram Superior Resort


Southeast Asia’s Largest Golf Course


Vietnam’s Largest Casino

Ho Tram Current Project

Carmelina Beach Resort
Ho Tram Boutique Resort
San Trauary Resort


  • The Gold Coast of the Vietnamese government
  • The only government planning of the ‘Reservation of Nature Tourism Environmental Protection Zone’
  • Any heavy industry and non-environmental friendly line of production are prohibited to set up factories in the region
  • Elegant quality second park
  • Large corporate groups compete with each other for the development of prime locations

The supply volume of Ho Tram in Real estate

The current residential area in Ho Tram, Vietnam has been emphasizing primarily on the market of second home or vacation home.

Currently, the price of a villa ranges from $450,000 to $1.7 million, and many companies offer annual yields of 8% – 12%.

On the year of 2015 in Vietnam , after the Housing Act loosen the restrictions on foreigners’ real estate purchase in Vietnam, real estate investment has evidently flourished, especially in the coastal areas.

Ho Tram, which is located at a distance from Ho Chi Minh City, has evolved into a fast-growing tourism industry on the Gold Coast, in fact, the property in the area is constantly sought after and is in short supply.

Speaking from the perspective of investors, by owning freehold of property in the zone,  the Red Book property can serve as a long-term guarantee for investors or in the event of free trading in the resale market.

Ho Tram Future Project

The Hamptons Ho Tram

Developed by Tanzan Stone International

The investment amount is 80 million US dollars

Melia Hotel (Spain) operating resort

Five-star hotel, including 99 villa and 288 apartments

Phase 1: 59 villas and 144 apartments.

Phase 2: 40 villas and 144 apartments.

Planned for the second quarter of 2018 development and release of the first phase.

The Hamptons Ho Tram

By ACDL (Canada) investment amounted to US$95 million

Created by THE GRAND

The platform and operations are located at:


Phase 1: 323 luxury villas.

Phase 2: 28 luxury villas.

Price range: 1.4 million to 1.6 million US dollars.

The first phase is expected to be completed in 2017.

The Sanctuary Phase 2
  • Originally developed by Sapphire (Australia)
  • 44 semi-detached high-end villas
  • Price range: $350,000 to $850,000
  • Investment amounted to US$82 million
  • It is planned to be developed in the second quarter of 2017
Club Med
  • Development by Haishu Tourism Service Investment
  • The investment amounted to 47 million US dollars
  • World-class all-inclusive resort
  • 300 rooms
  • Planned for development in 2019
The Grand Ho Tram Phase 2
  • A total investment of $75 million from ACDL (Canada)
  • 559 five-star hotel rooms with world-class facilities
  • 700-900 apartment projects are expected to be completed in 2017

    The establishment of VCG was to participate in the economic development of Vietnam, so whether it is small, medium or large enterprises, the timing of growing prosperity will be a key advantage and a great timing for enterprise development.


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